Who am I?

My first attack of mid-back pain and nausea hit early February 2015. I won’t bore you with the long version of my struggle to get a diagnosis; but suffice it to say it isn’t kidney stones (although the doctors hung onto that one for almost a year), chronic UTI (no bacteria cultured), musculoskeletal, or an eating disorder. Meanwhile, I rotted on the treatment of choice—narcotics with the occasional double round of antibiotics thrown in for good measure.

About a month ago, I got very assertive with my GP and demanded a referral to a urologist. At that time, things still pointed to the kidneys. Thankfully, the urologist and his resident have enquiring minds and agree with me that their workup needs to include looking beyond the obvious. Urine tests showed high ketones, but no glucose. First blood sugar blood test was normal. So then I started digging.

While reviewing previous bloodwork, I noticed that the lipase was at the maximum range for “normal.” And I started digging. After reviewing several articles, the doctors agree that it could potentially be pancreatitis. So now we wait for more test results, and I try a low-fat diet and to find out more information on dealing with this condition.